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How Updates in Video Management Software Helps Security

We have entered a new era of video management software in which frees hardware from software scalability. In the beginning of video management software, the security industry was focused on the NVR, and its main function was to record networked surveillance cameras. The other method was to the DVR, which recorded analog surveillance cameras. New 2.0 video management technology eliminates the limitations of NVR/DVR scalability limits in a big way.

ARK Systems VMS 2.0

Although NVR/DVR have been merged in the past few years, they are still seen as recording appliances. The merging of these technologies is more of a consolidation to make way for 2.0 VMS concepts. Here are a few ways that new VMS software helps security:

  • Increased scalability vs. 1.0 VMS – 2.0 VMS sees a definite advantage over 1.0 since it is not as hardware-dependent. The management capabilities of 2.0 VMS systems means that thousands of cameras can be linked together in a network. These networks will function so well that the purpose that recording serves will become secondary (although, it won’t disappear completely). All of the security cameras can be managed under a single, comprehensive video management system.
  • Advanced virtualization technology –  The technology behind 2.0 VMS has been used in the IT field for years, but has never been fully utilized in the security systems field. The technology behind the VMS 2.0 products includes the video surveillance as a service or cloud-based systems is virtualization. Virtualization technology completely eliminates the hardware performance bottlenecks that plague the NVR/DVR and VMS 1.0 product segments. In addition, Intel CPU’s have been designed to support virtualization without any virtualization performance overhead. This truly opens up the security industry, where price/performance for recording is can be designed below $30 per camera in large virtualized VMS 2.0 designs, compared to well above $300 per camera in the NVR hardware-centric designs.
  • Better management features – The VMS 2.0 era brings with it new features that were previously unavailable. With networked features like user management, mobile clients and data security, the issues that occur when scaling video surveillance technology are all manageable. The security camera & surveillance industry is going to see feature-rich programs that incredibly advance the sophistication of their security systems

When all is said and done, this new era of video surveillance management technology will give more control to its  users. With all of the streamlined features, security systems will see massive upgrades that ensure the safety of buildings and facilities located everywhere. The new 2.0 VMS technology will allow giant infrastrcuture to be built around dozens and dozens of security surveillance camera systems. It’s a future that will make security systems better and more efficient.

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Source: Updates in Video Management Software Highlight Scalability, Security Magazine

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