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Theft Prevention using New Smart Thermal Security Cameras


Theft prevention is one of the most important and fundamental security functions. Cameras are often employed in theft prevention, but a new type of camera known as a smart thermal security camera is making the issue of theft easier to deal with. Prices for smart thermal cameras have dropped below $5,000 MSRP, so now this technology is an affordable way to combat theft. In many industries including  automotive storage, oil and gas well yards and any other industry where theft prevention is a top priority, these new smart thermal cameras will be of assistance.

Theft Prevention using New Smart Thermal Cameras

  • Increased availability of reliable technology – Smart thermal security cameras have been used for years in high-security and critical infrastructure theft prevention. With their ability to see at night, thermal cameras are incredibly useful for identifying security violations as they happen, in real-time. Advances in thermal and video analysis technology make smart thermal cameras a reliable round-the-clock security measure.
  • Unaffected by weather – Unlike traditional black-and-white cameras, smart thermal security cameras work in any weather condition. Whether it be rain, snow, fog or different kinds of humidity, smart thermal cameras can distinguish tiny temperature changes in the environment it’s monitoring. These new smart thermal cameras produce images of better quality than traditional secruity cameras, so your business or building won’t have to be plagued by blurry or unclear images ever again.
  • Applications beyond security – Not only are these new smart thermal cameras cost-effective, but they have uses beyond theft prevention and traditional security uses. Thermal cameras can be used to detect a refinery leak or if a generator is overheating. Any facility where temperature is a factor to the features or items enclosed will benefit from new smart thermal cameras. The uses go even beyond that, with parking lot surveillance and highway safety applications. In short, these smart thermal cameras are cost-effective as well as multi-use.
  • On-board image and video processing –  With advances in video technology, these new smart thermal security cameras have on-board image and video processing so you know when there is an unauthorized person or entry in real time. These cameras process temperature information, so no longer can would-be thieves hide behind various installations or “trick” the camera as can be done with tradtional black-and-white cameras.


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Source: The Economics of New Smart Thermal Cameras, Security Magazine

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