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Integrating Video Surveillance Technology into The Cloud


the cloud

How can you make sure that the cloud is secured?

The cloud is a wonderful and expansive storage tool that you are probably quite familiar with. It holds all sorts of useful files for you and your company, but did you know that you can also add your video surveillance footage to it? Now, it may seem like a faulty plan. After all, just how secure can the cloud possibly be, right? These are the questions we will be examining today. Ready to take a look? Let’s dive in.

Security is always the biggest concern.

Moving sensitive files into the cloud is a highly efficient and effective move for your company, but you’re probably worried about the security. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can ensure that your cloud storage is safe and secure. Along with the usual methods of security, including strong passwords and current firmware, you can do a little detective work to help your company stay safe. For example, who is hosting your cloud storage? A private host may not be able to handle more complex threats, but someone who is working in tandem with Amazon, Google, or Microsoft will be a much better option. Furthermore, you should make sure that other companies that work with the hosting company have had good experiences with minimal infiltration. It’s always a good idea to do a background check on the people and companies that you are going to be working with. A cloud host is going to be no different.

Connecting your camera system into your cloud.

When setting up your video surveillance system to connect to your cloud, you have two major options: No network configuration and Network configuration. If you’re looking for a simple and strong solution, Axis Communications offers the Axis AVHS option. Check with your cloud system vendor to make sure that they can accommodate the system and soon you’ll be recording straight into your cloud.

Are you ready to incorporate your video surveillance tech into The Cloud?

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