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IP Video and Wireless Technologies

There are several inherent aspects of Internet Protocol (IP) Video surveillance systems that traditional analog video equipment simply cannot compete with. The greatest of these advantages is probably the fact that digital video can be compressed and streamed across a standard wireless network connection – allowing transmission across large urban areas and from remote locations.

This article from IP Security Watch explains the benefits of the marriage between IP Video surveillance and wireless technologies, which includes:

•     No cable — eliminating the need for costly installation works.

•     Less disruption — with less cable to install, project timeframes are significantly reduced and business disruption is minimized.

•     Lower transmission costs — no expensive fixed lines required.

•     Expansion and migration — legacy surveillance systems can easily be extended using wireless IP Video and provide a cost-effective solution for migration to fully digital systems.

•     Remote monitoring — surveillance of remote locations over large distances.

•     Mobile applications — live and recorded video from remote surveillance cameras can be viewed while on the move using 3G mobile phone networks.

•     Heritage protection — in many historic buildings installation of cable is prohibited, wireless is the only alternative.

The network’s overall performance – and thus the entire surveillance system’s performance — is very dependent on the effectiveness, features and capability of the IP video system itself and the selected wireless technology. These technologies can include: Wireless Broadband Networks, WiMAX, Mobile Wireless Broadband, Satellite, Bandwidth, Compression, Architecture, Multicasting, Motion Detection Analytics, Dual Streaming and Bandwidth Management.

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