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Mobile Security Solutions Continue to Grow

Mobile devices have been mainstream for several years now, and their capabilities are only continuing to increase. And while security industry end users are among the most tech-savvy of mobile users, mobile app development in the security industry is not quite at the level it is in other industries. End users are ready for comprehensive mobile app solutions. App developers are starting to realize this, and are developing new applications to suit complex and dynamic industry demands. Learn more about mobile security solutions in the security industry in our blog.

Mobile Security Applications

App Development

In the security industry, the first thing that needs to happen for an app to be successful is customer analysis. Before any code is written, developers need to know who their customer is and why they need a mobile security solution. It’s also important to note that what the customer says they need is not always the same as what they actually need. Development teams need to know how to interpret customers requirements in order to inform the development of an app. The two most important questions to ask are:

Why is the app needed?

There are myriad functions an app can perform in a security context. This includes, among others:

  • Access control management
  • Video surveillance management
  • Arming of intrusion systems
  • Managing environmental controls

Who needs the app?

Is the end user a power user or a basic user? Power users will be able to navigate a more complex app (but one that also features more advanced capabilities), while basic users will need a cleaner, more intuitive setup.

Choosing a Mobile Security App

End users will want to take a number of factors into consideration when choosing a mobile security app. Ask yourself the following questions when considering an app.


Is the app usable on multiple devices and operating systems? How much training does it require to use? Are you able to customize your experience?


How many security functions can you perform with the app? Is the app’s performance smooth in its execution of these functions? Does the security system’s provider offer assistance through the app?


What is the value of the app to your business as a whole? Is your security provider making an effort to demonstrate this value to you? The potential is there, and its important that your provider helps you realize it.

mobile security app

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