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New Camera Targets Vandalism in Poor Lighting

Poor lighting conditions make many areas susceptible to vandalism because the perpetrators know that some cameras, especially old CCTV cameras, will probably not be able to identify them because of the poor lighting. Examples of this include outdoor locations such as bus stations, and even some indoor locations such as basements in large facilities. Working under the cover of darkness, many vandals are able to get away with their acts, or may even tamper with the camera itself to prevent their actions from being recorded.


A new camera from Bosch aims to change this paradigm. The FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP camera works especially well in low-light conditions. The camera uses high-resolution optics, a wide-angle fisheye lens, and integrated active infrared LED’s. This combination enables the camera to see a large angle of the viewing field and provide its own illumination by means of infrared light. As a result, its performance in low-light conditions is superior and enables security personnel to identify vandals more successfully. Its tamper-resistant design also makes it difficult to disable, and its status as an IP camera gives it significant advantages over a CCTV camera. The 9000 MP also uses Content Based Imaging Technology, which reduces storage requirements by lowering bandwidth consumption and reducing irrelevant image noise artifacts.


preventing vandalism


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