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Physical Security and IT Converge to Provide Holistic Security Solutions

In the past, physical security and IT departments rarely had reason to interact. However, as an increasing number of sensitive interactions occur online, many institutions are realizing the need for comprehensive security solutions that go beyond just their physical security department. With the advent of smart networked security solutions, it is becoming increasingly important for IT managers to work in tandem with physical security departments to provide holistic and reliable security solutions. Learn more in today’s blog, below.

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Physical Security and IT Converge to Provide Holistic Security Solutions

By sharing tools and equipment, physical security and IT departments can coordinate information and work together to mitigate security threats. As many internal security teams begin to shrink, security managers are beginning to use smart technology to support and enhance their existing teams’ efforts. Smart networked devices can offer both security support and provide some levels of decision making, meaning that it is no longer necessary to wait for a person managing a computer to offer instructions. Smart networked technology provides the additional benefit of being scalable and automatically integrating information between disparate systems.

However, this increased reliance on networked technology creates new security threats that must be effectively managed. Security managers must invest additional resources in ensuring that sensitive data is not exposed to threats, which becomes especially important when new devices are added to the network. How security is managed depends on the specific needs of each organization, and it is important for IT departments to work closely with physical security staff to ensure that comprehensive solutions are being put into place that do not unintentionally increase the risk of cyber attacks.

Data has shown that the majority of cyber attacks are the result of human error, which emphasizes the importance of interdepartmental communication in the implementation of new security protocols. By ensuring that both IT and physical security departments share responsibility for organizational security, strict security protocols and processes are more likely to be consistently adhered to.

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