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Physical Security Backup Systems Can Ensure Safety During Technology Failures

While the benefits of networked physical security systems are undeniable, it’s an unfortunate reality that any technology can fail. Networks can go down for a wide variety of reasons, including natural and manmade disasters, accidents, and power failures. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you have a backup plan in place that will not be effected in the case of a technology problem. In this week’s blog, learn about useful strategies that can supplement the effectiveness of your networked physical security system.

physical security backup

Having a physical security backup plan in place is smart.

Physical Security Backup Systems Can Ensure Safety During Technology Failures

Guard tours

Guard tours can be an effective security measure in and of themselves, and given the fact that they do not rely on networked technology, they are especially smart to implement as a precautionary backup security measure. Guards can provide a variety of functions, including deterring theft, aiding in access control, monitoring the functionality of video security systems and alarms, and physically patrolling for suspicious behavior and activity. Automated guard tour systems can provide a randomized tour schedule, further deterring theft by making it impossible to predict the guard’s next move. While many systems are networked, investing in battery-powered technology can be wise in the event of an emergency.

Key management tools

Access control is of the utmost importance to any facility, so creating a reliable system that will provide access to the right people under any circumstances is an important concern. Many electronic access control points may be compromised during certain types of disasters, so physical keys become crucial in these situations. Implementing well thought out key management tools can ensure the safety of your facility regardless of the emergency. By investing in lockboxes that utilize standalone controls, important data such as who last used a key and its current location can be recorded for simple and streamlined access management.

Simple can be best

Sometimes the simplest options are the smartest when it comes to security. Many high level security officers will tell you that they keep a spare key under a rock in their backyard, as they know that having a simple backup system can be incredibly effective. By implementing simple and low-tech systems like guard tours and key management tools, your facility will be better equipped to handle any emergency.

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