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What are the Benefits of Central Station Alarm Monitoring?

ARK Systems Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Central station alarm monitoring ensures a timely response to many different kinds of emergencies.

Alarm systems are an absolute necessity, but there are ways to make these systems work a little harder for your facility. One of the best ways to upgrade your alarm system is by having them connected to central station alarm monitoring. When peace of mind and a guaranteed fast response is the goal, central station monitoring has you covered.

What is Central Station Alarm Monitoring?

Central station monitoring services are the best way to maintain peace of mind and keep your facility secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Central station alarm monitoring connects your alarm systems to an Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) listed Central Station which will respond any time a connected alarm is triggered. The central station will then notify the appropriate authorities of the incident so that help comes quickly. This can be very important if no one is on the premises during an emergency, or if there is a security incident that demands a fast response, among other situations.

How Does it Work?

Central station monitoring works by connecting your alarm systems to the U.L. listed Central Station, which ensures that someone is always available to respond when an alarm goes off. The first step when an alarm is triggered is communication—a responder will call through the main hub of your system to confirm the alert. If help is needed and the alert is confirmed, or if there is no response, the central station will inform local authorities such as law enforcement or the fire department of the emergency. This can save precious minutes during many different kinds of emergencies, potentially saving lives. It can ensure faster response times due to not needing someone to call, especially when an emergency is causing panic, and also if an incident takes place while no one is within the facility, such as an after-hours break-in or fire.

What Systems Does it Work for?

Central station monitoring has become increasingly popular—it can even be found on high-end home fire and alarm systems. These are the main systems that benefit from this kind of monitoring, and it can be connected to different aspects of each of these systems. Fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring are available, while security and access control systems can both be monitored for comprehensive coverage. No matter where trouble strikes, or what kind of emergency arises, central station alarm monitoring will ensure a timely response.


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