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Protecting Sensitive Data with Rack-Level Access Control

Protecting Sensitive Data with Rack-Level Access Control
Data centers, in particular, will need several different types of access control methods to defend these assets from outside tampering.

Many businesses in the IT sector regularly deal with customer data. For these companies, physical security is just as important as cybersecurity, if not more. Both personal and business-related data needs to be kept safe from theft, corporate espionage, hacking, and ransomware. Data centers, in particular, will need several different types of access control methods to defend these assets from outside tampering.

Existing Practices 

Which best practices are already in play? Let’s start by looking at them. Cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, strict password encryption, and conventional physical security techniques are commonplace across the industry. Protecting electronic and telecommunications equipment, whether or not they are situated in their enclosures are also made high priorities. However, data center managers have plenty on their plates to juggle, especially when employees and service technicians need to access these areas. Entry to the premises is often gated and supplemented by surveillance cameras and a guard that verifies credentials. 

At the Rack Level 

Server racks are essential components of almost any business, from retail giants to software-producing firms. Unfortunately, these racks also represent a potential single point of failure. Electronic locks are one inexpensive upgrade that can yield immense dividends. Other electronic access solutions, such as access control devices, remote monitoring, and manual override interfaces also make a difference. However, all of these technologies should be supported by the use of intelligent locks that read user-provided credentials through keypads, RFID, and biometrics.   

More Options to Consider 

Facility managers are obligated to consider every option available to them before rendering a final decision. Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can also be a key to data racks that don’t require a traditional lock-and-key system to be in place. Standard mechanical locks on cabinets and doors make sense, but only up until a certain point. Battery-operated access control solutions are easy to configure, as are standalone solutions that do not require remote monitoring. 

Consider the merits of integrated solutions and independent networked solutions. Both of these top-tier strategies are gaining traction throughout the industry. That way, cabinet-level access and the many access points that connect to your mainframe can be monitored and secured even after business hours or over the weekend.    

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