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Providing Intercoms at Controlled Access Points

There are many different security measures to consider when adding security to an access point. Video surveillance, locking hardware, electronic access control and audio communications are a few of  methods used in adding security to access points. Using intercom technology alongside video surveillance can give any security officer audio and visual details on the personal that is trying to gain access to the building or facility.

There are a few advantages to using intercoms at controlled access points, including:

  • New intercom technology – If you already have an existing intercom in place, new TCP/IP intercoms will be able to replace those older conventional analog and substation intercoms. TCP/IP intercoms provide a greater level of functionality on all different types of situations and system sophistication.
  • Easy integration & scalability – These new TCP/IP intercom systems introduce integration and scalability that wasn’t as readily available before. With features such as voice, data, access control functions and interactive graphical user interfaces. All of these features put together and integrated can eliminate the need of multiple devices spread out along multiple platforms. It consolidates control into a single system apparatus.
  • Complete system reliance – Thanks to new TCP/IP technology, the intercom systems can easily be used alongside video surveillance, video management and access control. These systems  can work seamlessly together to create an easily manageable security operation.

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Source: Incorporating Intercoms for Integrated Access Solutions, Security Magazine

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