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How Two-Factor Authentication Improves Security

The problem of authentication is a common one for security systems and security applications. Two-factor authentication is becoming a necessity for many security access points. Two-factor is taken out of three possible components: something you know, something you have and something you are. For example, in healthcare settings a worker usually uses an access card (something you have) and a PIN code (something you know) to enter the facility where they work.

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with two-factor authentication:

  • Traditional methods are no longer sufficient – Single-sign solutions are no longer viable in most security settings. A lot of the cards used in single-sign solutions are static and have long single numbers which can easily be copied and reproduced. A lot of these cards, used in conjunction with PINs, have a grace period when the PIN may not be needed. A card without a necessary PIN can be used by anyone. That’s not a secure access method.
  • Security without sacrificing convenience – The proximity cards that were traditionally used are no longer an answer to having secure networks. A new security solution must be found without sacrificing the convenience at security entrance points. That’s where an alternative two-factor security comes in.
  • Biometric & Multispectral technologies – The new solution for access point security is biometric technology. This includes technologies that are used in fingerprint scanning which should work in all conditions and regardless of  race, age, gender or physical conditions. This is to be used in conjunction with multispectral technology, which scans the surface and the subsurface of the finger for complete accuracy in authentication.

In this new era of security access point solutions, we have to remain vigilant. New technologies may be required for complete and total security. And if you want security professional to help you with your video surveillance and security integration needs, contact ARK Systems, Inc.

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