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School Safety Summer Tasks

ARK Systems School Safety Summer Tasks

School administrators need to take on some school safety summer tasks to maintain a safe and secure space for education.

Now that school is out and summer is in, some school safety summer tasks should be undertaken to protect your school during the upcoming fall school year. Bringing in a security specialist can help alleviate a lot of the headaches, save time, and provide expert advice based on findings to help keep your school a safe place for children to learn without crossing lines that may leave students and parents feeling unsafe.

Evaluate & Update Your Security Systems

The first item of school safety summer tasks is to evaluate and update your school security systems. One of the best ways to do this is to bring in a security specialist who can do a thorough observation and inspection of your school and its current state of security to offer advice on the best upgrades for your facility.

Access Control: In the wake of school shootings, one of the most common questions is how these people are gaining access. Access control is the first line of defense for any facility, and a good access control system has the potential to keep threats out of your school building. These systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and they may need to be paired with other security measures, such as security guards and audiovisual surveillance systems that help you keep a close eye on all points of entry.

Surveillance Systems: Modern surveillance systems have come a long way in a short time, so a surveillance system that’s only a few years old may already be in the fast lane to obsoletion. It’s understandable that schools can’t upgrade their entire audiovisual surveillance systems every few years, but a security specialist may have suggestions on how to get the most out of the system you have.

Detection & Alarms: Some specialized systems, such as weapon detection systems, may serve as a welcome addition to your school security. It’s also important to review any current detection and alarm systems that alert faculty or security personnel to potential threats to determine whether they should be upgraded.

Emergency Communication Systems: During a school shooting or other emergency, your emergency communication systems are there to relay instructions to staff and students to ensure the best possible response. Make sure yours are updated and operational for optimal results.

Evaluate & Update Emergency Operations Plan

Next up for school safety summer tasks is evaluating your current emergency operations plan and updating it if necessary. This is another area a security specialist can help you with. They can review your current emergency operations plan and discuss better strategies based on your security systems and facility layout. In some cases, these plans may be highly outdated and will benefit immensely from an update.

Staff Training

Last up on your school safety summer tasks in staff training. Your faculty and administration must undergo training to be as effective as possible during a school shooting or other serious emergency. The summer months are the perfect time to begin or continue this training to maintain a safer school environment.


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