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Mass Shootings: A Case For Better Access Control

ARK Systems Mass Shootings Access Control

Mass shootings have become all too commonplace, and they make a strong case for the need for better access control in every facility.

The U.S. has experienced two high-profile mass shootings in just two weeks, and they make a strong case for why facilities need to beef up their access control. The best ways to keep your facility safe and secure are to deter potential threats in the first place or stop them at the front door. Strong access control is the best way to do this and prevent this kind of tragedy from taking place at your facility.

Keep Out Unauthorized Individuals

In the case of the Nashville school shooting, access control that effectively keeps out unauthorized individuals would have been sufficient to keep the shooter off of school grounds since they were not a staff member or current student. As a matter of fact, the shooter in this particular incident ended up choosing the Covenant School because their first target had enough security to deter them from even making an attempt. This is the perfect example of what superior security can do and why it’s so important.

How your business or facility implements access control that determines authorized entry should be tailored to your specific security needs. How a school chooses to implement this aspect of security will be different from how, say, a bank implements this critical security measure.

Weapons Detection Systems

Speaking of banks, the mass shooting at the Old National Bank in Louisville serves as a reminder that blocking the entry of unauthorized guests isn’t always enough. In this instance, tighter access control with specialized systems, such as weapons detection systems, could make a big difference. These systems can be integrated with other security systems to activate automatic security responses that can assist in protecting everyone else on the premises from the threat of a potential active shooter. This way, even if the shooter has access to the premises through identity verification, there is still another system in place that can identify the threat and activate appropriate security measures.

Better Surveillance

Improving your facility’s surveillance is one of the best ways to keep tighter security. In both of these mass shootings—which took place exactly two weeks apart—the assailants used semiautomatic rifles. This is the most frequently used style of weapon in mass shootings, and they’re difficult to conceal. This is an advantage—better security with trained personnel keeping an eye on your surveillance system feed could result in security noticing the issue quickly before it gets into the front door. This gives you time to lock up the facility and prevent access to the potentially threatening individual as well as inform local law enforcement of the threat before people are injured or killed.


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