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Crime Rates Rise in the Summer

ARK Systems Crime Rates Summer

Crime rates rise in the summer, but why and what can you do to protect yourself and your business or facility from this influx?

As the weather continues to warm up and more people spend time outside of their homes to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, there’s a problem everyone should be aware of—crime rates rise in the summer. This is an issue that affects everyone, from individuals to business owners.

What Types of Crime Happen More Often?

  • Theft. Both residential and commercial theft see an uptick during the summer months. Many criminals are opportunists, and summer tends to cause people to let their guard down a little more.
  • Vandalism. More graffiti, property damage, and other forms of vandalism are more common during the summer season. This is an inconvenience for anyone dealing with the cleanup, but it can also be a significant expense depending on the type of damage inflicted and how severe it is.
  • Violent crimes. It is often noted that violent crimes are also at their highest during the summer. This is an issue that everyone needs to take seriously—business owners should not ignore this statistic even though much of the conversation surrounding this issue is focused on incidents involving individuals in their residences.

Why Does Crime Rise in Summer?

The reason crime rates rise in the summer isn’t necessarily known for sure, but there are some prevailing theories as to why this might be the case.

  • Theft is likely to rise due to more opportunities for criminals to act quickly. Doors and windows are left open or unlocked, and businesses put valuable and desirable items in their window displays—it’s a temptation they struggle to resist.
  • Vandalism is believed to be a result of teenagers being out of school during the summer. This is also attributed to theft to some degree, as well. Teenagers have a lot of extra time on their hands, and peer pressure can drive them to make trouble for fun.
  • The rise in violent crimes is suspected to be related to the fact that the heat of summer leaves people feeling uncomfortable and irritable. Due to this, it is believed that they are more likely to lash out when they are stressed or inconvenienced. While most of the data focuses on attacks in residences, this also means that customers and people in public spaces will be more likely to engage in conflict and potentially assault staff or other people around them.

How Can You Stay Protected?

  • Upgrade your security systems. Better security systems mean better security for yourself and your property. Modern systems can alert you to suspicious or unusual activity, giving you more time to respond before things escalate.
  • Integrate your security systems. Modern security systems can be integrated into access control systems, fire safety systems, and automatic response systems that make your security tighter and give you peace of mind.
  • Hire security guards. Security personnel can keep an eye on security feeds, but they are also a great asset for dealing with summer crowds and potentially violent individuals. They are capable of responding to issues right away, and a skilled security guard will be trained in conflict de-escalation as well as emergency preparedness and crisis management.


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