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Security Cameras, City Surveillance, and Crime Rates

Do video cameras really help reduce crime? Chicago’s managing deputy of public safety, Jonathan Lewin, believes they do. And he has the statistics to support his belief.

Chicago’s Operation Virtual Shield, the city’s network of surveillance cameras, has played a role in more than 5,500 arrests since 2006. This network accesses more than 20,000 cameras throughout the city. The Chicago Police Department forged this extensive network by forming agreements with business and other private organizations. In fact, it is estimated that at least half of Operation Virtual Shield’s surveillance network is comprised of these private cameras.

Crime surveillance experts are able to access these private feeds directly over the Internet through a public IP address, but only during emergencies and only after owners are notified. These owners are all voluntary and sign a memorandum of understanding to link their video feeds into the unified network.

Benefits of Operation Virtual Shield

• Instead of wasting time getting an owner’s permission, a court order, or a subpoena allowing access these videos, Operation Virtual Shield provides instant access and thus substantially speeds up investigations.

• Saves a lot of time as a forensics tool

• Police department installed cameras are equipped with night vision, bulletproof exteriors, and 360-degree pan and zoom capabilities.

• In Operation Virtual Shields first year of deployment, narcotics-related calls were reduced by 76% and serious crimes by 17%.

Other cities – like New York, Atlanta, and Memphis – have also instituted real-time public-private camera agreements into their crime reduction efforts.

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Video Camera Networks Link Real-Time Partners in Crime-Solving

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