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The Present and Future of Security Technology

Moore’s law states that performance of computer-based hardware will double every two years. And security technology is no different. So let’s take a look at where some of these technologies may be headed in the near future.

IP Video: Currently, IP video is the best and brightest video technology around, but because its total cost of ownership (TCO) remains fairly high, IP video fails to be a viable option for small systems. These smaller systems, often found in gas stations boutiques, offices, and franchises, still rely primarily on analog video. However, that will all change in the next 15 years due to 4 factors: large on-board storage, much better image processing, better compression and a higher speed Internet.

Analytics: For the most part, analytics has been a fairly overrated technology when it comes to facial recognition and detection. However, there are still several useful ways that analytics can benefit your security efforts. These include: high quality motion detection, camera tampering detection and cross line detection. Analytics can be used in marketing and building management, as well, for such purposes as people counting, heat map generation and detection for empty shelves and product sweeps.

And analytics technology continues to grow and evolve, alongside the performance predictions of Moore’s law. The sky is the limit!

High Resolution Images: In the near future we will begin to see analog cameras being taken down as end-users opt to move to 720p HDTV and then later to 1080p.

Light Sensitive Cameras: As video surveillance camera resolution and storage continues to improve, so too does video functionality, including super-low light color cameras, improved dynamic range (WDR/HDR) and thermal/IR cameras. A perfect example of this would be a HurleyIR Thermal Imaging Camera. “HurleyIR has developed a design methodology for thermal imaging solutions that allows for custom configuration to meet spectral needs and control formats imaging systems beyond compare”

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Hosted Video: Video-as-a-service is poised to be one of the biggest technology trends in the near future as more and more integrators are pushing hosted video. Alarm verification with video, construction site monitoring, city surveillance systems, and many more video functions will benefit from hosted solutions. The possibilities are nearly endless!

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