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Surveillance Data and Flash Memory :: Home & Business Security Tips

With surveillance systems evolving past the realm of security and safety to also include other functionality – such as the use of surveillance data to predict business trends and provide business intelligence – these systems are now playing integral roles in the day-to-day operations of businesses across the nation. But with such a demand placed on surveillance data, high-resolution video, and VMS features, video surveillance storage becomes a very real issue for businesses.

The Problem: The improved clarity and analytic capabilities of IP-based megapixel cameras, along with tagging video with attributes such as location, time, GPS, color or motion increases the size of incoming data streams that must be captured and stored in real time.

The Solution: Flash Memory.

This compelling new storage technology can benefit businesses in several ways, including:

  • Increased Speed: Flash memory can be more than 100x faster than traditional disk drives.
  • Improved Durability: Flash eliminates the mechanical frailties of disk drives, which spin at thousands of revolutions per minute (RPMs), and are less likely to break down.
  • Noise Control: Flash devices are also quieter than traditional disk drives.

However, flash memory is not the best solution for every business. To find out if flash memory makes sense for you, your business, and your budget, contact the security experts at ARK Systems.

For any further questions on Flash Memory, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

When you consider how crucial security can be, and when you think of all the options that you’re faced with today, one thing becomes clear. You need a contractor with experience. For assessment, design, installation, testing and service, ARK is the expert across the board.

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