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The Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

ARK Systems Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras can be a great asset for keeping businesses secure and protecting your property.

When it comes to keeping your business secure, you can never be too careful. Modern security cameras and the systems that run them are standard-issue in the world of commerce. However, visual-based security cameras have their limitations. Due to this, it’s always a good idea to think about where your security gaps are and what options are at your disposal for closing those gaps and maintaining the tightest security possible. One of those options is thermal imaging cameras, which can be an excellent way to supplement a standard, visual-based CCTV system.

See in the Dark

Of course, the most obvious benefit of thermal imaging cameras is that they have night vision. Standard imaging cameras can only see vague shapes based on where light is hitting in the area during the night, but thermal imaging is going beyond the naked eye and looking for heat sources. Heat sources can be seen regardless of available light sources, so a thermal imaging camera is a great option, especially for a poorly-lit area where a standard camera will fail to perform.

Nullify Visual Obstacles

If there is a large shrub in the visual range of a standard security camera, a person could easily hide behind that shrub and go undetected—especially if they’re wearing something with a similar color for visual camouflage. With thermal imaging cameras, the heat this person puts off won’t be hidden, it can be seen even through the foliage of the shrub. This is another reason that thermal imaging cameras can be incredibly useful—they mitigate a person’s ability to hide because you don’t rely purely on visual confirmation to determine their presence.

Reduce False Alarms

Modern security cameras have come a long way, and they are better than ever at detecting potential threats. Unfortunately, this also means they can be prone to sending out false alarms. Anyone with a doorbell camera knows this lesson well, as many have been notified of lurkers or visitors only to find a wandering raccoon sniffing around or a tired bug taking a rest on the camera lens. Cameras are getting smarter, but they don’t necessarily replace the human element that double-checks whether the alert is a genuine threat or just a critter looking for a meal. Thermal imaging cameras have advanced analytics software and enhanced contrast, significantly reducing these false alarms.

Save Money

Finally, the other major benefit of thermal imaging cameras is their cost. These systems are actually quite affordable, allowing businesses to enhance their security in a more cost-effective way. These systems generally require fewer cameras and, therefore, less maintenance than standard visual-based security cameras.


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