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The Biometrics Industry and Maryland

Biometrics – the identification and verification of individuals via biological and even behavioral traits – is expected to become an $11 billion industry by 2017. And many believe that biometrics could be the answer to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s (D) push to bolster the state’s dominance in cybersecurity.

“Cybersecurity is not easy to use if you have to remember all those keys and passwords,” said Douglas Kozlay, the CEO and president of Biometric Associates, who feels that biometrics and cybersecurity could complement each other nicely. It is his belief that…

  1. Fingerprint analysis could be used for access control and financial transactions
  2. Cyber-cryptographic technology and cloud technology could be used to protect critical information

Robert L. Wallace, the founder and CEO of BithGroup Technologies, also thinks biometrics and cybersecurity are destined to become linked.

“In our view, every institution will embrace biometric technology,” he said. “I see nothing but an upside.”

Still, not everyone believes biometrics to be the best answer to increased cybersecurity.

Frank Sjolie, a sales engineer with ARK Systems in Columbia, told the Maryland Gazette that he believes the goals of biometrics and cybersecurity are too different to make compliment one another. Sjolie argues that biometrics focuses more on identity, while cybersecurity focuses on protecting information – two completely separate aspects of security. Another concern of Sjolie’s is cost. He said the real challenge in incorporating biometrics in the mainstream lies in bringing down the cost of the technology. Until this happens, biometrics does not represent a real option for most businesses.

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In Maryland, biometrics’ eye on an elusive prize


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