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The Impact of Internet Outages on Building Access Control

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These days, most businesses depend on the Internet.

These days, most businesses depend on the Internet. Whether or not your company is heavily involved in the competitive web design market, you will need to leverage the World Wide Web’s power. While they’re not as frequent as power outages, Internet outages can be just as disruptive to your team’s workflow. Read on to learn more about how internet outages can affect the security of your building. How do they impact overall access control measures? 

Potential Causes of Internet Outages 

As frustrating as it is, Internet outages are a part of normal life. After all, even the most sophisticated technologies are subject to faulty programming or plain human error. Natural disasters, malicious hackers, and power surges are all culprits. 

Power Outages: Without a steady supply of reliable electricity, your building’s Internet access will be unstable at best and offline at worst. Power outages can also affect access control – making them, for the most part, useless.

Routers and Modems: The router and modem could also cause havoc. This scenario is especially true of older models that run on outdated technologies. Plus, there is a simple fact that the wall socket could be loose, or the power brick that plugs into the wallet keeps falling out. Both are likely issues that might not be noticeable at first.

Your Service Provider: Moreover, the root of the issue could lie with the Internet Service Provider that your organization depends on every day. From time to time (every 18 months or so), network providers will experience problems that can affect wide regions outside of the town or city in which your business operates.

Proven Prevention and Mitigation Methods

Building Backups: Redundancies are essential components of many computer systems. This attribute is also applicable to physical means of security – such as surveillance cameras and reinforced doors. Redundant network connections will minimize downtime caused by technical difficulties – which could affect phone calls and videoconferences just as much as online research or social media!

Establish Multiple Means: Fiber Internet and microwave Internet are two of your options. Do your research and decide which one is the better choice for you!

The Connection to Access Control

Finally, let’s discuss what the connection between the Internet and access control is. The age-old lock-and-key-mechanism is still effective, but modern solutions have proven themselves. IP-based smartcards, biometric security scanners, and the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the way Internet access – and access control – works. 

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