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Towards a Better Understanding of Public Safety Networks

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Authorities and first responders must review and revitalize their plans to create public safety networks (PSNs).

These days, focusing on public health and safety has become even more important than ever before. There is, of course, the existential threat posed by the ongoing pandemic. However, another situation that continues to plague the nation is the spate of mass gun violence that seems to come in waves almost all the time. To this end, authorities and first responders must review and revitalize their plans to create public safety networks (PSNs). Without coherent collaboration, such efforts won’t be as effective. Here now is an opportunity to examine this concept more closely. 

What Are These Networks Supposed to Be? 

Many public safety hazards exist – whether or not human actions cause them. Some examples include natural disasters, fires, chemical spills, hazardous waste exposure, and mass violence incidents. Terrorism is an extreme example, but it also falls into this category. 

At present, the federal government has not mandated the formation of public safety networks. Still, some non-profit groups shoulder the responsibility of oversight in this regard. The National Fire Protection Agency and International Fire Code agencies have stepped up and are considered the most prominent organizations in their fields.   

What Purpose Do They Serve? 

Public safety networks are meant to coordinate mobilization methods and resources between different agencies and first-responders; for firefighters, paramedics, and police officers, determining how they can respond to a situation can mean the difference between heroism and further tragedy.  Building owners must secure a “certificate of occupancy” permit, and the only way to do so is by proving that the building is equipped with a PSN.  

Likewise, public safety workers are taking advantage of more sophisticated technology to communicate with their counterparts. Laptops, smart devices, and mobile video cameras are making a noticeable difference. By that same token, surveillance cameras and sensors (such as body temperature scanners) prove their worth. 

Comparisons with Cellular DAS

Cellular DAS systems are the conventional configurations in place that are slowly giving way to PSN setups. PSNs rely on system exclusivity, different rules, allocated funding, and alternate frequencies. 

Meanwhile, cellular DAS is far more readily available. That is because it must have both high capacity and wide-scale access. Cellular DAS design methods focus on indoor settings. Rigid guidelines, regulations, and standards enforce the safety measures imposed by the Cellular DAS systems.   

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