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The Next Wave of Facial Recognition Technology: Using Koalas to Determine Quality

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Facial recognition software is one of the most important technologies used today.

Facial recognition software is one of the most important technologies used today. While it may not be incredibly widespread yet, take a minute to think about the Face ID functionality on your smartphone – that’s the same concept that this idea runs on. Facial recognition case studies are exploring new aspects of this innovation in unexpected ways. As it turns out, curious researchers in Australia are implementing this approach for koalas. The purpose of this experiment is to take a closer look at koala behavior and make conserving these precious animals far easier than in the past.

Artificial Intelligence: The Crux of the Study

A research team based at Griffith University is using AI as the basis for their study. They hope that this tech will enable them to identify individual mammals since wildlife road crossings are common sights in the Queensland state of Australia. This is part of what inspired the experiment in the first place. It’s easy to assume that such crossings are built on the surface. That is a misconception. These pathways and bridges are placed near busy roadways so that the koalas have a safer way to get around the cars. 

Identification Tags and GPS 

Jun Zhou, the associate professor leading the pilot study, said they would like to see facial recognition AI replace manual camera checks currently in place. This massive change would make it much easier to figure out which species used the crossings. Before this program began, researchers used identification tags and GPS to track the movement of the koalas. The research team also intends to work with local conservation organizations to train the AI to tell the difference between individual animals based on their looks and how they move. The collected data will ideally yield results indicating how the koalas have been using the crossing points and whether or not the crossings should be moved so that motorists won’t injure these adorable animals.

Two Merits of Using Facial Recognition on Humans 

For one thing, facial recognition can help find missing people. Such advancement is a huge boon to law enforcement agencies, especially when time is of the essence to find missing children. Integration with aging software, such programs can identify someone who has gone missing and is found years later. 

Another benefit of facial recognition is that it increases business security. When paired with security cameras, this software is effective at identifying thieves. Such a defense reduces shoplifting and is a deterrent for other minor crimes. 


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