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Maximize the Potential Power of Sound Detection Systems Through Audio Analytics

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Sound detection systems are a vital part of keeping your property safe.

Sound detection systems are a vital part of keeping your property safe. While it is true that not every commercial building or residence can afford them, they are well worth the apparent expense. Once you do have sound detectors in place, however, there are other technologies available that you can upgrade them with. Give yourself an extra layer of peace of mind by utilizing advanced audio analytics! 

What Should You Know About Audio Analytics? 

This software is much more sophisticated than you might expect from a quick Internet search on its functionality. Decibel levels and energy frequencies are the two main variables that the software tracks. Various elements of background noise that could garble the transmissions (according to the human ear) can thus be filtered out. Some examples of useless signal noise include heavy traffic, casual conversations, and loud music. Once a particular acoustic pattern is detected, however, the system will send an alert to end-users. This function minimizes the possibility of both false positives and false negatives. In addition, while video cameras are continuously recording, the analytics software does not. Instead, it captures a snippet of the sound so that on-site security can verify the disturbance and later on have some forensic evidence to provide to investigators.  

Several Types of Sound Detection 

Now then, let’s discuss the many types of sound detection based on technical concepts such as machine learning and processing power. 

  1. Aggression Detection: This aspect focuses on verbal altercations before physical assaults can happen. Duress, anger, and fear are the primary emotions that this detector listens for; alarms and real-time video footage are forwarded to the associated control room or mobile device. 
  2. Car Alarm Detection: Parking lot safety is an essential dimension of keeping your property safe. The analytics in play here are far more sensitive to common car alarm sounds. One interesting advantage this type of sound detection has is that its range is enormous – which means they are ideal for parking lots and garages. 
  3. Gunshot Detection: Given the number of gun violence-related incidents throughout the country, gunshot detection solutions have become imperative. These defenses can listen for shots from handguns, shotguns, rifles, and automatic weapons. Then, security personnel is alerted and given a chance to confirm the situation before jumping into action unprepared for what is actually happening.
  4. Breaking Glass Detection: The sound of breaking glass is frequently overlooked or downplayed compared to its counterparts. Window glass can be made of several different thicknesses and layers, such as laminated, single or double pane, double plate, and tempered or wired. In any case, security personnel can be summoned to respond as soon as such an incident occurs. That way, it will not be necessary to equip every single window with motion sensors.  


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