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The Top 5 Countries Where Cyber Attacks Originate From

cyber attacks

Understanding where cyber attacks come from is easier than you think!

Cyber attacks have been around for a long time. However, recently it appears that cyber attacks have seen a rise in popularity. In fact, many governments have seen cyber attacks occurring from other countries. These instances of cyber hacking leave many questioning where the attacks are specifically coming from. Here, are the most common countries that originate cyber attacks.


China has a very streamlined cyber attack regime set in place. It seems like many if not most cyber attacks are originating in that country. In fact, China often hacks US governments and their allies for vital governmental data and information. It appears that most Chinese hackers have started centering their attacks on Australia. So much so that there is approximately one cyber attack originating from China every month.

United States

The United States has a variety of sophisticated cyber attacking tools in their arsenal. In fact, the United States has been known to initiate 17.2% of the world’s cyber attacks. As home to many infamous hackers, the United States has government capabilities that allow for creative and extremely sophisticated cyber attacks.


More recently, Turkey has seen an increase in cyber attacks originating from their country. In fact, they have been one of the countries with the most severe increase in developing unique cyber attacks to gain confidential information.


Due to the recent hacking at the Rio Olympics, Brazil has initiated its fair share of cyber attacks. In fact, estimates point to Brazil as having some of the highest amounts of cyber attack traffic in all of South America. Due to the cashless nature of their economy, it seems like Brazil has a rising number of cyber criminals.


Most traffic regarding global cyber attacks is generated from Russia. In fact, some of the best hackers are based in Russia. These hackers have an immense ability to hack some of the most secure systems in the world.


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