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The Top Cybersecurity Tips To Avoid Being Catfished

cyber security

Beware of cyber criminals.

Known to hide behind a computer screen, cyber criminals create an identity that will make them feel more approachable. This tactic is commonly referred to as “catfishing”. Most often catfishing happens when people are in online dating communities. As such, there are a few ways you can stay protected and still continue to be a part of the online dating world.

Don’t Give Out Any Personal Information Online

This is a pretty obvious concept, but you would be surprised to know how many people will share personal information with people they haven’t met yet. The sneaky cybercriminals are known to lure innocent victims in with how they converse. They can be extremely persuasive, even to the most cynical victims. Once you begin sharing feelings with someone virtually, it can be difficult to see that the relationship is not as real as you may think. In fact, cyber criminals make it very difficult to see the line between a relationship in real life and a relationship that is purely online.

Most often, these cybercriminals start off by getting to know you. They may ask you very simple, yet personal questions like your mother’s maiden name or the street you grew up on. However, these questions are typically security questions used to protect your private information like passwords. Once they have answers to your personal security questions they can access your personal online accounts. Therefore, it is very important to be extremely careful and cautious when sharing your personal information with strangers.

Avoid Giving Anyone Access To Your Bank Account

Maybe you met someone who you think is the love of your life but they live across the country? Somehow they need to scrape up money to come visit you. Maybe they ask you to loan them some money to make the trek? Whatever you do, never give out money to someone who you’ve never met before.

A definite red flag, asking for money to be transferred to a stranger is not something people who are dating do. Not to mention the fact that you may have yet to meet this person you have been talking to in real life.


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