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The Ideal Solutions To Airport Security Problems

airport security

Improve airport security to keep everyone safe.

Recently, a gunman in a Fort Lauderdale airport shot thirteen innocent people, killing five of them. No one expects to be in danger when they enter an airport. But, tragically, this man was able to bypass airport security and bring a loaded weapon into an airport. This horrifying scenario depicts the holes that prevail in airport security measures and the desperate need to enforce better surveillance and security measures within airports all around the world.

Aren’t Airports Supposed To Be Safe?

Time and time again we see the holes in airport security. Based on TSA guidelines, people are allowed to bring guns on planes if they are inside a hard container in your checked luggage. The only true measure of security is that the individual must disclose this information to the airline when checking in. For the most part, this will keep you safe on a plane. But what about areas that are not as secure? While airport terminals continue to be one of the safest places to be in an airport, the surrounding areas, such as the area involved in the Fort Lauderdale shooting, are at high risk for danger. There have been notable shootings on airport sidewalks, checkpoint lines, and just outside ticket counters. What can be done to make sure that more protection can be provided to all those within an airport, no matter their location?

The Best Way To Secure Helpless Areas

Although there has been a rise in security officers patrolling these unsecured areas, more must be done to protect travelers from harm. Many have touted that there should be TSA screening before people even make it into the airport building. But would this additional measure really secure the airport?

It may sound like a wonderful idea. But in the end, there are a lot of problems that follow. Airports are not just for travelers, people are there waiting for their loved ones to arrive or waiting for their flight to depart. No matter where you place checkpoints, there will always need to be a place for people to wait. And this place will always serve as a hotbed for potential violence since it is the most vulnerable area in an airport.

However, if we are able to not let people get into an airport with a firearm, we may just be able to prevent some horrific crimes from occurring.


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