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Tremendous Advances in COVID-19 Contact Tracing

One of the newest safety measures put in place during the pandemic has been the development of contact tracing.

One of the newest safety measures put in place during the pandemic has been the development of contact tracing. Fortior Solutions has introduced a new program designed to get notifications tracking potential infection sites. It’s patent-pending, but the announcement is a promising one. Join us as we learn more about it

User Information 

Users will have an incredibly easy time putting this program to work for them. According to the company. All they need to provide? Their email address and their phone number. Then the program’s users receive a QR code that is unique to them. This code can be scanned whenever they enter or leave a particular gathering place, such as schools, college campuses, hospitals, houses of worship, retail stores, restaurants, and salons. All gathering places are eligible to receive the app associated with the QR codes. Embrace the Trace is provided free of charge.  

Verified Contact Tracers 

Verified contact tracers are also essential to the process. That way, they can scan and process the activity information. This makes case investigations much easier. Exposed individuals can also be identified and notified while concealing personal information. Marketing groups and other third parties are left out of the loop as well. Eventually, the information collected from users is also deleted. This is meant to take place after 60 days. Thus, the QR scan code activity disappears once it has served its purpose. 

Embrace the Trace 

Embrace the Trace program is making waves. Unlike its contact tracing competitors, no GPS tracking is used. Likewise, Bluetooth tech is also not used. What this means is that user movements cannot be tracked by the company or other interested parties. The Embrace the Trace program improves campus security. That is perhaps one of its most important applications, especially as many campuses are slowly beginning to fill back up with occupants, regardless of if distance learning will be the primary method of instruction early on in the new semester. President and CEO of Fortior Solutions Jim Robell emphasized the necessity of answering the call. In this case, this call is to respond to contact tracers active during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will help to slow the spread of the virus and allow schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals to fully reopen.      

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