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Ensuring School Safety and Security: What to Do Next

Ensuring School Safety and Security: What to Do Next
All school administrators are worried about how to keep their students safe. School safety and security have become even more important lately.

All school administrators are worried about how to keep their students safe. School safety and security have become even more important lately. Stakeholders such as parents, staff, faculty, and the students themselves should all have a say. As we move forward into an uncertain future, here is what can be done to ensure that schools are kept safe, secure, and healthy

Physical Security 

Physical security measures are often installed on the basis of common sense alone. But security assessments and reviews of equipment are not likely to be done all that often, except for perhaps before the school year starts. Fire drills and active shooter drills are one thing, but there is much more that schools and school administrators can do to preserve the educational environment. Administrators oversee the implementation of visitor management systems, video surveillance technology, and intruder detection – all of which can be a challenge for less well-funded school systems. All districts are obligated to keep their students, staff, faculty, and administrators safe no matter the size of the campus or where the school is located. Policies and procedures must be thoroughly communicated and practiced throughout the year. Even with the school year likely to begin again with distance learning measures in place, these principles remain the same. 

Establishing Basic Measures 

Every school, whether K-12 or based on higher education, has a responsibility to establish baseline measures to ensure that safety and security are held to the highest standards possible. Visitor management, emergency communications, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, door hardware, lighting, signage, and window treatments are all essential elements of accomplishing this goal. Risk assessment and mitigation must continue throughout the academic year, even when school isn’t in session – particularly while schools are still closed to in-person learning.

A Second Look 

A second look should come from experts who can give a second opinion. Security inspections are a necessity, even in the best of times. Finding and fixing gaps is the only way to remedy any potential problems or issues that could happen, even if they haven’t yet. Also, physical security measures should be extended to virtual and digital security – keeping school networks safe. Both of these goals can and should be achieved by all schools. 

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