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Update Your Campus Security This Summer

ARK Systems Campus Security Summer

The best time to do a campus security assessment and make upgrades and changes is during the summer months.

In the immortal words of the great Alice Cooper: “School’s out for summer!” Students are unwinding after final exams, professors are putting in final grades, and the campus is getting very quiet very quickly as summer break begins. While everyone is off to take a break, school administrators are still working hard to provide necessary support and services year-round. One of the summer tasks every campus should undergo during the summer is updating campus security.

Schedule a Risk Assessment

Now that students are finally on a much-needed break from classes and faculty will be spending fewer hours in their offices, it’s the perfect time to schedule a risk assessment with a professional security specialist. They can do a stem-to-stern rundown of your campus security—current systems, current practices, and areas of issue, among other things. They will provide a very thorough sweep of your entire campus and produce extensive feedback on issues and how they can be addressed.

Having a risk assessment done during the school year can actually be very worrying for students and faculty, who may believe that this action is being taken in response to an imminent security threat. That’s one of the reasons why having a campus security risk assessment during summer can be easier.

Focus on Vulnerable Areas

Your risk assessment will likely point out some of your most problematic or vulnerable areas around campus. This is a good opportunity to really take a look at the security in these areas and consider the suggestions offered on how to improve it.

This is especially important if you simply can’t do a major overhaul of your campus security. It can be a costly undertaking—taking on the process one area at a time makes it more manageable. While doing this, focus on those vulnerable areas first to ensure that they are well-protected.

Extend Your Reach

Campus security is meant for the entirety of your campus. If you have parking areas that are further out or other spaces that are separate from the main campus area, these can actually be some of the most vulnerable places around campus. Unfortunately, they often fall to the wayside when it comes to security. Make sure to think about areas that are off the beaten path or are separate from the main campus area when you’re thinking about your campus security.

Upgrade Outdated Systems

Sometimes what your campus security needs is a good old-fashioned systems upgrade. Security technology is moving at a break-neck pace, so a system that has been in place for 10 years has been outdated for most of that time. Of course, it’s not feasible to upgrade all of your campus security systems every one or two years, but doing so whenever possible is important to staying on top of your campus security and being able to take advantage of the amazing new features that are being implemented to make your life easier and your campus safer.


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