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Video Can Prove Valuable in Fire Applications

You have video surveillance, you have a security system, and you have a fire alarm. But currently, they are all working as individuals systems. That doesn’t sound very efficient, does it?

Fortunately, the security world agrees and has begun to develop hybrid systems that meet multiple needs, including video surveillance systems that not only verify burglaries, but also fires.

Alarm Verification

Over the past decades, video technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. What was once only used to review previous events can now be used to not only view real-time affairs, but also to verify alarms (both fire alarms and burglar alarms) – resulting in fewer false alarms. Dispatchers have access to these cameras and can verify the existence of a fire or intruder or a lack thereof.

Video Imaging & Fire Detection

What is truly amazing is the capability of new video surveillance technology to actually detect smoke or fire while also incorporating the above mentioned alarm verification capabilities. But how does this work?

Through the use of DVR-based technology, each camera represents a different zone. Each of these zones can be configured to detect fire, smoke, motion, etc. The system also allows operators to schedule days and times when the system will not be operational, making it the ideal solution for high-traffic areas.

What This Means for You

Instead of having three systems each performing a single task, now you can have a single system performing multiple tasks and performing them more efficiently than ever before. But because the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has established some strict standards for the installation of video-based fire detection systems, it is important to entrust the work to a well-qualified security company, like ARK Systems.

At ARK, we understand that with fire alarm systems the stakes are high and the codes are tough. Expertise is crucial, and we’ve got it to spare.

We can design, install, service and test just about any type of fire alarm system you need, in just about any environment, large or small – from office to high-rise, from single building to corporate campus, hard wired or microprocessor based, conventional or IP.

For any further questions on Video and Fire Applications, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

When you consider how crucial security can be, and when you think of all the options that you’re faced with today, one thing becomes clear. You need a contractor with experience. For assessment, design, installation, testing and service, ARK is the expert across the board.

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Video Can Prove Valuable in Fire Applications


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