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What Are 4 Crucial Components of Commercial Security?

One way to ensure that your commercial building is as safe as possible is to upgrade its commercial security measures. People are fallible, and this means that they could forget to lock the door behind them when it’s time to leave for the weekend. That or they could lose their key and not notice until it’s too late. By securing your commercial space, you can ensure that nobody gets in when they shouldn’t be there. 

What Are 4 Crucial Components of Commercial Security?
One way to ensure that your commercial building is as safe as possible is to upgrade its commercial security measures.

Adding Burglary Alarms

Keeping burglars out is the first step towards protecting your business. These alarms can alert you if someone attempts to break in, whether or not you and your employees are currently in the office. It can also summon first responders and the authorities to come and help if the situation escalates. There are three different kinds of alarms meant to discourage intruders from forcing their way in, so let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

  1. Motion detectors: Active detectors issue ultrasonic waves that travel around your premises. Eventually, they return to the transmitter. If the waves aren’t interrupted, then it’s a sign that everything is fine. If they are interrupted, then it means there could be a potential intruder. Infrared sensors can pick up on body heat, and photosensors work by emitting a beam of light that will trigger alarms if the beam, is broken.
  2. Glassbreak detectors: These detectors go off when the glass of a window is shattered, or if the glass on the front door leading into your office is breached in some way. 
  3. Video identity verification: This type of alarm uses video verification to ensure that whatever triggered the alarm was an actual threat and not a false alarm. 

Adding Surveillance Cameras

Another solution is to add more surveillance cameras. CCTV cameras can make a more significant difference than you expect. It can also track visitor and employee movements throughout your building. 

Improving Fire Detection 

You never know when a fire will happen. Practicing the fire evacuation procedures at your workplace is essential, but you can never be too safe. Part of ensuring commercial security necessitates improved fire detection. 

Enhancing Access Control Systems 

The final component of upgrading your commercial security involves access control systems. Enhancing them by making the necessary upgrades can do its part in ensuring that your company is as safe as can be. 

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