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Improve Your Security and Cut Down on Retail Theft

Securing your business requires many different approaches. It also calls for a willingness to upgrade current solutions, even if those upgrades are on the costly side. One way to help prevent theft, burglary, robbery and other crimes at your retail store is to beef up your security. It’s time to find out more about how you can do this, from training your employees to hiring more loss prevention officers.

Improve Your Security and Cut Down on Retail Theft
One way to help prevent theft, burglary, robbery and other crimes at your retail store is to beef up your security.

Install a Security System

A physical security system can make a tremendous difference. Even without on-site security guards, an electronic system can act as a deterrent. This provides additional protection that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, authorities and first responders can be alerted and called to any situations that occur, whether it involves a fire or an intruder. By installing a security system for your retail business, you can keep your inventory safe and give your employees some valuable peace of mind.  

Increase Video Surveillance

In that same vein, it is worth it to increase the amount of video surveillance you use inside your store. Big box stores, outlets, and supermarkets can all benefit from using security cameras. Position one by all the cash registers and customer checkout areas. Also be sure to put cameras near all entrances and exits, no matter where they are. Even if any thefts or incidents of shoplifting or violence occur, video cameras can help identify potential suspects.    

Establish Access Control Systems

Card readers are also highly useful. Although you might already have them near the registers to enable customers to pay with credit or debit cards, these systems are somewhat different. These allow employees to swipe in and gain access to the building. They can also use these systems to scan identification badges that clock them in or out.  

Experiment with RFID Tags

New technologies are always emerging, and some of them are outright game-changers. Consider experimenting with RFID. This acronym stands for radio frequency identification. These tags activate alarms by the front door that indicate when the sensors have not been removed. Recycling them for future items is also a great way to save money and make sure that your retail inventory is protected in ways that barcodes can’t always ensure.  

Trust the Professionals at ARK Systems

Located in Columbia, Maryland, ARK Systems provides unsurpassed quality and excellence in the security industry, from system design through to installation. We handle all aspects of security with local and remote locations. With over 30 years in the industry, ARK Systems is an experienced security contractor. Trust ARK to handle your most sensitive data storage, surveillance, and security solutions.

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