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Which Industries Can Benefit From Biometric Access Control?

ARK systems biometric access control

Biometric access control can provide ultimate security for your facilities.

Access control is the management of access points such as doors, turnstiles, and elevators where only an authorized user has access. Biometric access control is the analysis of biological data using technology. For example, businesses can utilize a fingerprint scanner that only recognizes authorized users’ fingerprints. Retinal and facial scanning are also other options. Voice recognition is also another feature. Biometric access control has increased in popularity over the years for valid reasons. It couples security and convenience in a way that isn’t comparable to any other access control system. Laptops and iPhones are often where the everyday person has seen biometric access control. However, these businesses can benefit as well. 

Public Sectors can Benefit from Biometric Access Control 

Government sectors are full of various roles that require different clearances. So many people move around within a government facility. In addition, government buildings hold countless private information. For security purposes, government buildings can benefit from access control. This system can restrict access to particular parts of the building. It can also stop trespassers from gaining access to government buildings and seeing private information. 

Healthcare Facilities 

The healthcare industry also stores private and confidential information. Biometric scanning can make a world of difference here. Hospitals often use this technology to block access to data servers or filing rooms. It can also help with crowd and access control around units with contagious patients. 


Even offices can benefit from biometric access control. Employees can clock in and out using scanners. It also ensures that only your employees access your building versus unwanted visitors and closes off private areas such as filing and documentation rooms. 

Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement must keep the public safe. Access control ensures that only select people enter and exit police stations, prisons, and detention centers. It also helps if someone attempts to break inside a jail or break someone out of it. Police stations and detention centers will undeniably reap the benefits of biometric access control.

Pretty much any business can benefit from biometric access control. This system takes safety and security to the next level. If you see your industry listed but have yet to invest in biometric access control, give us a call today so that we can break down all we have to offer. 


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