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Your Potential Options for Making The Most of Motion Detection

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Even before the pandemic led to seismic shifts in how our lives run, motion detection was a high-priority element of perimeter security.

Intruders threaten your business. Even before the pandemic led to seismic shifts in how our lives run, motion detection was a high-priority element of perimeter security. But perhaps the time has come to reassess where the “perimeter” really is. Your online operations and internal networks are protected by firewalls, robust encryption protocols, and virtual private networks (VPNs). Still, it is also well worth it to upgrade your physical security assets. We present to you some of the intriguing possibilities for doing so. 

How To Choose the Most Suitable Upgrade 

Not all motion detectors are created equal. As such, multiple factors will end up impacting your final decision. Depending on the architecture of the platforms you already have, you could choose something else. Finding the right configuration of individual elements takes time, patience, and a willingness to indulge in trial-and-error. Leave room for future upgrades and changes to overcome unforeseen challenges. When you don’t know what you don’t know, futureproofing seems impossible. 

PIR Sensors 

The first possibility to investigate is the passive infrared (PIR) sensor. These sensors rely on their field of view to assess heat signatures in the area they monitor. This technology relies on the principle of threshold limits. Like how some fire detection systems trigger when they sense too much heat or smoke, PIR sensors activate lights, alarms, or cameras.

The Potential Effectiveness of VMD 

Video motion detection (VMD) can be incredibly useful and super effective. Security cameras enhanced by this upgrade pick up even more potential suspicious activity. Analysis software is incorporated into this setup. This arrangement reduces the need for a human camera operator to provide overwatch. Though there is something to be said about automation, the software could be hampered by shadows, low light levels, or strong backlighting. Poor-quality images and slow analytics would also result in disappointing results. 

Even More Sensitive Thermal Cameras  

We’ve discussed on previous occasions the benefits of using thermal cameras. One notable distinction is that thermal cameras measure temperature fluctuations instead of the visible light that we perceive. Even so, some reasons to use them include impressive range capabilities, the ability to penetrate smoke, fog, and darkness, and finally, how it can see through camouflage. 

Radar-Enhanced Systems for Superior Coverage 

Radar can track incoming aircraft and other vehicles. That is its typical application; did you know that you can use them for more mundane motion detection purposes as well? Surprisingly enough, this is more practical than it sounds.  Radar uses radio waves to “see” whatever is happening. Interference and false alarms cannot cause the radar to malfunction or behave erratically. Fenced-off areas or no-go zones can be more easily monitored this way, decreasing the need for foot patrols or vehicle-based guard personnel inspecting every inch of your premises. 


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