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Protecting Your College or University Campus with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is always improving.

Artificial intelligence is always improving. It’s a technical innovation helping human operators make the most of their efforts to step up security. Surveillance can be overwhelming. Without the right resources, your campus might be vulnerable to chaotic events where people get hurt. Weapon detection matters, and AI can make a massive difference when it comes to stopping violence. 

Maintaining Uninterrupted Communication in a Crisis Situation 

Natural disasters can damage structures, wreck infrastructures, and disrupt communications. It could come from a hurricane, a tornado, or something even more exotic, such as a solar flare. No matter what nature has in store for you, you are obligated to prepare for such crises the best you can. To that end, do not hesitate to leverage advanced artificial intelligence as a protective measure. Taking steps to update your crisis communication plans is vital. Outdated plans and policies can exacerbate a nightmare scenario. In other words, it turns from bad to worse.   

Risk Assessment Goes Beyond Predicting Human Behavior

Did you know that artificial intelligence can help predict human behavior? It takes bleeding-edge analytics and mass notification systems to the next level. Despite this amazing attribute, you cannot get complacent about it. There’s more to risk assessment than trying to spot when someone is about to trespass on your campus grounds or do something else against the law. Proactively crisis response can be costly, but ultimately, a worthwhile investment of key resources. AI and machine learning facilitate these efforts, especially once a situation is in progress. After all, resiliency and line-of-sight problem solving go hand in hand. There is a limit to what people can do and how fast they react to a potential information overload. AI systems are not as constrained. Use both in unison to make life easier for human analysts and administrators.   

Ensuring Clery Act Compliance As the Pandemic Continues 

The Clery Act remains intact and in force. No matter what happens, you must ensure continued compliance with this legislation. Under the terms of Clery, colleges are mandated to report crimes and other incidents on their campuses or in their immediate vicinities. Failure to do so results in harsh penalties that multiply with each violation. Unfortunately, the neverending pandemic complicates such matters that used to be easier in the pre-Covid era.  

Prioritizing More Sophisticated Security Technology 

Evolving legal guidelines and requirements will continue to present obstacles regarding campus safety. Still, in the end, that shouldn’t be a deterrent for keeping everyone safe. Pouring money into more sophisticated surveillance and security technology is a necessity. So don’t underestimate that possibility just because you are confident it could never happen to you. 


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