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3 Existing Assets That Can Monitor School Safety-Related Emergencies After Virtual Learning Ends

What campus threats could be waiting once virtual learning ends?

The pandemic continues to redefine our daily lives. And yet, there is some good news: vaccinations are becoming more and more prevalent. Unfortunately, the “herd immunity” threshold is unlikely to be achieved any time soon. However, by the time the next school year cycle begins, in-person learning could start again. For now, virtual learning continues to be the norm. School administrators can invest in emergent technologies and the infrastructures they already had in place to keep students and staff safe both in the immediate future and down the road from now. 

Environmental Alerting is the Linchpin to Everything

Environmental alerting, also known as environmental monitoring, is the key to all of these endeavors. Without this building block, ensuring that the entire campus community is kept safe will be much more difficult. Newer technologies may seem like expensive and unnecessary upgrades, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Every element of a school’s infrastructure – pipes/plumbing, refrigerators/freezers, doors/windows, and fire alarm systems can and should integrate. This technological advantage can also monitor HVAC systems. Those assets must be cleaned and maintained, especially when long periods of neglect can cause them to malfunction or break down unexpectedly. 

Connecting Automated Alert Systems to Virtual Operations Mainframes 

Again, it is more than likely that virtual operations will still be in place a few months from now. Automated alert systems can keep human operators and end-users apprised of any major changes that threaten their campus. Everything from unauthorized intrusions through fire exit doors and leaks in the bathrooms can be detected and sorted out. As such, there will be minimal disruption to the learning environment, regardless of how occupied the building currently is. Live video feeds are also useful, especially when the situation evolves more quickly than predicted. These systems will notify first responders whenever circumstances warrant it. Break-ins and flash fires are bound to happen, and vacant school buildings are more vulnerable.  

Making the Most of Mass Notification Systems 

Quick messaging, contact tracing, and temperature tracking are essential measures that must continue even after in-person learning resumes. Administrators should overhaul access control systems to link all of these precautions together in order to help contain the further spread of COVID-19. 

Another significant benefit of vastly improved mass notification systems has nothing to do with pandemic-induced worries. That’s because officials can communicate school closures, updated guidelines, and lockdown scenarios much more efficiently. 

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