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5 Underappreciated and Overlooked Aspects of Access Control Systems

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No matter what type of property you are responsible for, having a reliable access control system in place is essential.

No matter what type of property you are responsible for, having a reliable access control system in place is essential. Homes, businesses, industrial facilities, and government buildings all require this type of technology. Moreover, many spaces set aside for public use – shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and other such venues must be protected to a reasonable degree. Is it time to reevaluate the disposition of your access control configuration? Here are some intriguing features you may not have known about before. 

Keeping a Door Unlocked for a Short Time 

Every door in your building can be designed differently. For some doors, it makes more sense for them to be conventional lock-and-key-based mechanisms. However, in some cases, you might prefer a door to be fitted with an access card reader. You can use advanced access control software to set a temporary window in which doors are kept unlocked. Contractors and technicians can move in and out of server rooms or HVAC closets without too much hassle.

Setting Customized Access Permissions 

There is very little reason why everyone in your organization should have the same access levels. After all, everybody plays a different role. The IT support staff will more than likely need access both in terms of network resources and physical capabilities to inspect important computerized assets. As such, consider implementing customized access permissions. Thus, non-IT-related employees or those who aren’t authorized to be handling sensitive materials or prototypes could be restricted from entering such areas. 

Enabling and Disabling Key Cards or Fobs

Employee turnover is an unfortunate reality of the workplace. Whether an employee was terminated or has decided to move onto their next opportunity, having them turn in their keys isn’t always possible. That’s why you can eliminate the possibility of unauthorized intrusions by using your system to enable or disable key cards and remote fobs as needed.  

Establishing Auto-Lock/Unlock “First Person In” Functionality

Given how the COVID-19 pandemic has upended business as normal, many agencies have relied on a “skeleton crew” model to interface with clients at a face-to-face level. This policy shift decreases the likelihood of the virus being transmitted since fewer people are in close contact. Once someone walks in, the “first person in” protocol will activate and unlock nearby doors. This aspect of access control can prove itself to be even more useful in case of environment-related emergencies, such as snow days or roll-off container fires.

Storing Parameter Specific Activity Logs

We leave you with one final consideration to think about: the value of in-depth activity logs. Your system can compile data and use it to generate weekly reports. These reports are then transmitted to the relevant managers. This technique can track various factors such as transactions, times, dates, and doors. 

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