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The Ever-Evolving Importance of Strong Airport Security: Your Potential Solutions

Whether or not those dangers are related to COVID-19, you must implement and enforce responsible airport security measures.

The summer travel window is fast approaching. There’s no question that the ongoing pandemic has disrupted the air travel industry. Even with vaccinations becoming increasingly common, there are bound to be some unforeseen risks happening. Whether or not those dangers are related to COVID-19, you must implement and enforce responsible airport security measures. Sometimes, they aren’t as effective as intended. As such, evolution becomes a necessity.

Improved Passenger Body Scanners 

Body scanners are an integral part of ensuring airport security is effective. Several decades ago, they were not such a mundane part of the airport experience. But numerous hijacking incidents and terrorist attacks have led technical innovation and conventional thinking to change over time. The scanners already rely on body heat and X-rays so that technology could be upgraded and adapted in the modern pandemic era.  

Countermeasures for Airborne Drones 

Drones are unique machines. They are becoming increasingly popular for scientific research, imaging hard-to-reach terrain, and advancements in space exploration. However, there is a high probability that airborne drones could become a threat to airports, passengers, and planes. Since drones are so new, the industry behind them hasn’t been regulated too heavily yet. More comprehensive rules, laws, and regulations will significantly differ and utilize geofencing and internal GPS guidance protocols to prevent potentially hazardous airspace violations.

The Innovation of Electronic Passports 

Another new development is the advent of e-passports. Digital boarding passes bound to smartphone apps are already a technique used to make boarding flights quicker and easier. With that in mind, governments and airlines could implement electronic passports in much the same way. It reduces another touchpoint in the age of Coronavirus. Thus, it would reduce the likelihood of exposing both travelers and security officials to cross-contamination. 

The Increasing Use of Biometrics 

Biometric security measures have long proven their worth. Biometrics represents another opportunity to leverage existing technology in commercial, governmental, and scientific buildings to harden airport security against intrusion, hackers, and hijackers. Plus, facial recognition software can facilitate passenger flow through checkpoints once the passport chip is properly scanned. 

Reinforced Physical Security Solutions 

Security guards, surveillance cameras, and other related physical security measures are effective. Otherwise, they would not be as common and dependable as they are. However, even these approaches could stand to be updated.  

Terahertz is on the Bleeding Edge  

Terahertz screening is probably not as well-known as its counterparts. However, there is no question that it stands on the bleeding edge of the future. Airport security measures could be changing even more profoundly than they already have throughout the decades of commercial air travel.  

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