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3 Important Questions About Data Backup

3 Important Questions About Data Backup

By using data backup, you can help ensure your business won’t lose anything important.

We’ve seen numerous high-profile cases of businesses losing data due to external circumstances such as a cybersecurity lapse. But with the unpredictable weather accompanying the start of spring in Maryland, how can you be sure your business has protected its information? By using data backup, you can help ensure your business won’t lose anything important.

Why Is Data Backup Necessary?

Data backup is necessary because you never know what could threaten your business. These include potential security violations, computer viruses, and ransomware. Another possible reason you would data backup is in case of emergency situations due to storms and other weather-related disasters. Let’s look at each of these:

  • Security violations: Security violations can occur due to the presence of malicious hackers.
  • Computer viruses: These are one of the continual problems that plague businesses as often as they affect home computer users. Luckily, antivirus and anti-malware software programs are becoming increasingly effective at preventing problems due to these issues.
  • Ransomware: Ransomware is malware that holds information hostage unless it is paid for.
  • Storms: Unexpected winter weather can interfere with your business operations, as can high winds and pounding rains as spring settles in.

How Does It Work?

Data backup is easy to achieve. All you need to do is to create copies of your essential information and valuable files. Make at least three copies of each file and keep them in separate locations, even if you need to use geo-redundancy. This way, one disaster will not deprive you of your data. When it comes to disasters, make sure at least one copy of your data is kept somewhere away from your premises. That way, you can protect your data against the possibilities of fires, hurricanes, floods, and thieves.

Although cloud storage is one of the hottest trends in data protection, don’t rely on the cloud alone. Internet connections may not always be accessible, so keeping hard copies on disks can still be useful.

How Can You Use It?

One way to utilize data backup is to create a network. This network can be local to your building or can connect to a partner who will oversee your data storage. Another solution is to use external hard drives and flash drives that you can quickly connect or disconnect from your computer networks. A third solution is to use the cloud, and you can also use various commercial sites on the Internet that are popular and trusted for their ease of access and security measures offered to protect your data.

Trustworthy Data Backup Solutions From ARK Systems

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