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A Guide to Inspecting and Evaluating the Integrity of Your Building’s Access Control System

Your existing access control system needs to be inspected and evaluated to see if it still meets your needs. 

At some point, your building will need an overhaul. Whether it is undergoing a renovation or you need to downsize, floor plan changes are bound to cause some confusion. Amid all this upheaval, it becomes much easier for intruders to gain enter your premises. While digital security measures can easily protect your online assets, keeping your people and offices safe in the real world is extraordinarily difficult. That’s why your existing access control system needs to be inspected and evaluated to see if it still meets your needs. 

Examine Current Features and Configurations 

Facility managers and the top management need to collaborate. Without this cooperation, discussing the current disposition of the access control system you have now won’t go as smoothly. Everybody needs to be on the same page. While aesthetics matter, the fact of the matter is that you must focus on the package of features that the various systems offer. Where do you need access or denial most often? What are the typical times when people enter and leave? Can you differentiate between different access levels? Finally, how well does it mesh in terms of systems integration? More security doesn’t automatically bestow the feeling of safety.

Reset Access Permissions During Turnover 

Times of turmoil can disrupt “business as usual” operations. During times of heavy turnover, you’ll need to reset access permissions. For example, revoking previous employees’ credentials who have left the company should be your baseline safeguard. Map the building and create access control zones. The main door should be available to everyone, but interior doors to server rooms or sensitive research areas can be private.

Continuously Run Access Control Audits

Auditing is another essential part of establishing a strong workflow. This process may seem tedious and time-consuming, but it strengthens the relationship between you and the clients that you serve. Beyond double-checking that all necessary tasks are completed, you can review who should have access control clearance and who should not. Set time limits on identity cards. Alternatively, self-expire the cards due to inactivity. Linking the ID card with a list of contractors or HR databases is another useful yet subtle tactic to prevent unwanted visitors from getting inside through the so-called “tailgating” technique.   

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