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The Basics of Business Access Controls

Not all employees stay. Given enough time, they will move on into other fields or take other positions elsewhere. You should be able to trust your employees, even when they no longer work for you. However, there are reasons why access control systems exist. Here is a look at the fundamentals of this security technology

The Basics of Business Access Controls
However, there are reasons why access control systems exist. Here is a look at the fundamentals of this security technology.

Decrease the Number of Missing Keys 

Losing a key at home is a frustrating inconvenience. However, when it comes to a business access portal, it can become worrisome or even dangerous. If you don’t know who holds the keys to your doors, then it’s better to be safe than sorry. Switching to business access controls will decrease the number of missing keys. The way it does this is simple – traditional lock-and-key systems will be replaced by keycards often attached to lanyards that are much harder to misplace. Electronic locks and keys can be reprogrammed at will if the need arises.

Control Employee Access Levels 

Installing new systems or overhauling the existing system is a good idea whenever an employee leaves. In times of high uncertainty such as we are facing now, there could be more turnover than there is stability. Access controls help revoke or minimize access, either physically or on the digital networks, of former employees so they no longer hold the credentials they once had when they worked for you. This can help prevent the likelihood of sabotage or espionage by rival companies hoping to gain some insight on your secret projects, especially in technology fields that are heavily scientific and are also highly competitive.  

Follow Visitors to Your Premises

It’s important to track visitor movements on your campus. This way, you can help guide them around the building through intercom systems if necessary, especially in times of emergency when posted signs might not be nearby or are too obscure to read. Access control systems also rely on identification numbers and time stamps to help gauge where someone was at a particular time. Photos on keycards also make a difference, as do different levels of biometric security that goes beyond the keypads and touchscreens that many access control systems meant for businesses will use.  

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