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Linking Access Control Systems with Fire Alarm Relays

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Fire alarm relays may not seem compatible with typical baseline access control methods and mechanisms, but you can find out more about how this all works out if you read on.

Access control systems are integral components of every building. Commercial buildings and residential properties alike can benefit from them. Physical systems matter just as much as the infrastructures you establish for digital information and cybersecurity assets. That’s because you want to do your best to keep your people and site visitors safe no matter what. Plus, inadequate access control protocols can reflect poorly on your company’s formerly-sterling reputation. Fire alarm relays may not seem compatible with typical baseline access control methods and mechanisms, but you can find out more about how this all works out if you read on.

Combining the Two Systems 

Fire alarm-related emergencies are typically handled differently than other crises. That’s one of the reasons why combining access control solutions and fire alert arrays is so vital. The doors (such as fire doors) should unlock by themselves without human operation. Thus, everyone inside the building has accessible egress to get outside safely. Meanwhile, firefighters and other first responders can enter more quickly. Electro-strike and electromagnetic locks surpass the typical lock-and-key or push-bar configurations that many older structures still include. However, their power supply cannot be interrupted. Access control units (ACUs) can act as temporary failsafe measures and prevent such a scenario from occurring.

What Exactly is a Fire Relay?

Many building owners, business proprietors, and facility managers know how smoke detectors and fire alarms are supposed to work. After all, they are familiar devices due to how long they have been mandated for safety and security purposes. Even so, fire relays might not be part of the usual setups that you see on your campus. This switch interlinks fire system control panels and door-lock power sources. Whenever a fire alarm is triggered, the relay is responsible for unlocking the emergency doors. 

Useful Tips to Know Ahead of Time 

As always, caution and common-sense are the best ways to keep costs down and safety ratings up. Existing fire systems should be upgraded or retrofitted with relays if they are not already present. 

The costs associated with such systems could potentially be prohibitive. Request special clauses to be written into applicable lease agreements with your building’s management company. For new construction buildings, this procedure unfolds somewhat differently. Keep the general contractor overseeing the building’s raising in the loop; once they know you wish to have integrated fire alarm systems installed, they can update the system design blueprints accordingly. 

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