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A Look at How Tech Enhances Student Safety

Motorola Solutions is at the forefront of that development. Here now is a quick look at how technology can enhance student safety.

Technology has changed all of our lives in many different ways. One of the most impressive ways it has made a difference is when it comes to school security and student safety. Motorola Solutions is at the forefront of that development. Here now is a quick look at how technology can enhance student safety

Safe Schools 

Safe Schools is a program meant to function as an end to end solution where video, data, analytics, and voice are all integrated with the idea of improving campus safety. Visitors to campus enter a more secure environment, even if it isn’t the most obvious at first. Artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics kick in and will alert school administrators if something suspicious is going on. It also provides instant communication to local law enforcement bodies. According to Motorola, the tech is supposed to “help schools become more proactive when it comes to safety planning.” It is meant to keep students safe and school personnel can be more focused on running the school, teaching, and other elements of a successful educational environment.   

Everyday Operations 

Motorola understands that no two schools are the same so that this program can be modified to fit each individual school’s needs. This also helps in case of any emergencies that may happen on any given day at the campus. It doesn’t matter what size the school is or where it is located – whether in an urban setting, a suburban setting, or a rural setting. In the end, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. This technology works in four main ways: 

  1. It detects suspicious activity through video-based security and analytics. It also uses license plate recognition, anonymous tip submission, and access control. 
  2. Then, it analyzes using AI-run video analytics. It scans and deciphers the suspicious activity before searching for existing video footage. 
  3. After that, it can communicate by combining two-ways radios, LTE devices, and video security. 
  4. Finally, it responds in two ways: sharing real-time alerts and live video feeds. 

All schools can benefit from this technology, and with a response time of only a few minutes, it can hopefully prevent or mitigate future emergencies and disasters based on intruder alerts. 

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