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The Best Plan To Implement For School Safety

school safety

Creating safe schools is very important for students and faculty.

Open campuses, those with multiple entrances and exits can become extremely vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. This compromise in safety becomes extra harmful considering high school students are the ones at risk. In fact, school security is becoming a larger issue that can really only be solved with a strong action plan set in place to protect students from security breaches.

Incorporating Broadcasting Towers

Incorporating mass communication technology into security at schools is a wonderful way for students to stay safe and secure. In fact, by broadcasting live recordings are able to reach all students and faculty on campus. These recordings make it easy for them to be alerted of any suspicious activity.

Implementing Annual School Security Drills

Conducting annual school security drills is another great way to increase school safety. In fact, legislation has been brought up in Pennsylvania to allow for annual school security drills to become a mandatory process in all public schools within the state. This would allow students and faculty to understand what the protocol is in any emergency situation. In addition, these drills will be able to serve as reminders about the importance of being cautious of any suspicious people that may pose a threat to school safety.


Some schools are different than others. With the different types of schools and campus styles, a customizable approach to school security could be a great way to tackle school safety. In fact, video surveillance systems are being implemented that are hidden or designed in a way that doesn’t scare young students. Therefore, there are a variety of ways that schools can implement high-tech security features without raising concern in students.

Partnering With Law Enforcement

Some of the best video surveillance systems are used in conjunction with law enforcement. In fact, building video-surveillance systems that work with local police departments is a surefire way to protect students and keep school campuses extremely safe.


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