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The Evolution Of Cloud Security In 2017


Cloud security continues to evolve.

As the cloud continues to evolve and change, many entities, not just the security industry, are getting excited about the various potential uses for cloud storage systems.

Community Safety And Crime Prevention

Cloud systems such as VSaaS have become more and more essential in community safety programs. These programs allow businesses to encourage safety within their communities by discouraging, pinpointing, and resolving crimes. Programs like these all over the country have been shown to reduce crime by upwards of fifty percent.

Cloud Storage And Computing

With a surge in the desire to provide cloud only or hybrid-cloud storage options, Security Center, a unified flagship security platform is likely to be used more and more for a variety of reasons. Due to the security industry’s interest in maintaining effective ways of connecting a variety of applications and devices to one network, it makes sense that businesses would want to be able to store data and important information in cloud systems.

Cloud Confidence

Now that companies have seen the benefits of the cloud and are confident in the practicality of it, next we will likely see a rise in security systems working with the cloud systems. With companies recognizing the immense benefits to receiving their IT systems through a cloud, they are likely to be incorporated into more and more businesses.

Is The Cloud Safe?

The cloud has evolved over the years to become much safer than an on-site server. The key to working in the cloud is all about trusting it’s technology. Cloud service providers can help businesses with gaining their trust by establishing proven reputations with cloud storage systems. By implementing cloud storage solutions with best practices of security then more and more businesses will be able to attain a level of trust that they will feel comfortable investing in a cloud storage system.

Geography of Hosting

Many data issues can be resolved throughout the world simply by being able to use the cloud. Greatly helping governments around the world, cloud storage systems allow all companies that may be concerned with where exactly their information is kept, feel more secure knowing that only specific entities are allowed access to any information stored in the cloud storage system.



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