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Choosing the Right Security Camera for Your Business

Memorial Day is fast approaching. Offering your products, services, and expertise at spectacular rates during this busy holiday shopping weekend won’t always be the best way to draw in new customers. This theory is especially true if you are a smaller business that doesn’t have as much brand awareness on its side. That’s why choosing the right security camera for your business is more valuable than ever. Let’s take a quick look at how to manage it.

Choosing the Right Security Camera for Your Business
Choosing the right security camera for your business is more valuable than ever.

IP and Coaxial

Most of the time, you can get by with a digital security camera. These cams are going to be IP-based. However, depending on the age of your building and how the security systems were designed, you may also notice coaxial cameras. These cameras will hook up to monitors and recorders through a coaxial cable, hence the name. The problem is that the more wire you need, the lower the quality of the video that you see on screen. That’s because the data must reach the monitor or recorder before it is decoded and processed into something viewable.

All of this isn’t a problem when you deploy digital IP cameras around your place of business. WiFi and ethernet signals are all you need to transfer image and sound. Thus, moving the cameras around becomes much simpler and less of a time-consuming hassle.

Talking About Resolutions

When you choose a security camera with a higher resolution, you might not know why you have to pay a higher price. That’s because clearer picture and sound demands more reliable and advanced technology. Older systems might not be able to track faces stored in a database of known intruders or people who have been banned from your premises. Without high enough resolution for small but critical details such as this, then your employees and security professionals won’t be able to protect your customers, visitors, and inventories.

Under the Dome

Dome-style security cameras are highly versatile and inconspicuous, which means that they are a top choice for helping to secure almost any business. They rely on either fixed-focal or vari-focal lenses. You will find at least one dome-style security camera in many different retail stores, no matter their size or layout. With this in mind, perhaps these cameras can provide the security solutions you need.

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Located in Columbia, Maryland, ARK Systems provides unsurpassed quality and excellence in the security industry, from system design through to installation. We handle all aspects of security with local and remote locations. With over 30 years in the industry, ARK Systems is an experienced security contractor. Trust ARK to handle your most sensitive data storage, surveillance, and security solutions.

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