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Determining Your Facility’s Access Control Needs

ARK Systems Access Control

Access control is critical for many facilities, but every access point needs to be considered individually for the best result.

For many facilities, access control is one of the most important security features. Carefully controlling and monitoring the flow of access allows you to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to get on the premises. Proper access control also allows security or administration to quickly notice unusual and unwelcome access that threatens the facility’s overall security. 

Consider Every Access Point

How do people get in and out of your facility? If you have a layout of the building or buildings, you can take a look at each entry and exit point. Go beyond marking all door locations—make a note of what material each door is made of. Wood, metal, and glass doors will need to be handled differently when it comes to access control. The last step is to determine how much control each access point needs to achieve the appropriate level of security. A college campus, for example, has several buildings to consider when it comes to access control. Classroom buildings and the library need to be open to students but still protected from unwanted access. There may be other buildings, however, with access that is limited to staff, security, or administration that have tighter control over who is able to get in.

Determine Your Flow

There will be very different needs in access control between a school and a government building due to vastly different flow needs. A school will have to carefully consider access control that allows students and faculty to move in and out freely while maintaining a close watch on every entry and exit point. Some doorways will be able to have tighter access control, while others will need to be kept more open and easily accessible. In a secure government facility, even the front door could have identification-based access control such as a scanner for identification or biometrics in order to keep out all unauthorized individuals who do not have clearance to be inside that facility. Knowing the necessary flow of your facility can help to determine the best access control for each access point.

Talk to a Security Expert

Once you have made notes and determined your specific access control needs, it’s time to discuss it with a security professional, such as those at ARK Systems, to get assistance in finding the perfect systems for your facility. A security expert can walk you through available access control systems, which work best for each access point, and why. They can also discuss ways to significantly improve your monitoring of every access point so you are always able to stay apprised of who is in your building.


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