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Going Back to School and School Security: An Access Control Checklist

It won’t be much longer until it’s time to think about the new academic year. Summer classes are either on hold or are being held online, but by the time August and September are on the way, who knows what the future holds? Before it is time to go back to school, there is a checklist to ensure that school security remains everyone’s top priority

Before it is time to go back to school, there is a checklist to ensure that school security remains everyone’s top priority.

Step One: Questions 

There are many questions to answer in regards to reviewing school security. For example, what plans for a lockdown are in place? Are there any gaps in surveillance coverage? What are some of the biggest challenges that need to be addressed right now? How do the buildings operate on a normal daily basis in an ordinary K-12 school setting? Finally, how hygienic is your school building, ordinarily speaking? These questions must be answered before moving onto the review phase

Step Two: Review 

Now for a topline review. Does your system rely on keys or keycards? What about credentials for emergency responders? Does everybody need these keys or credentials? Does the system have remote door release capabilities? What about an override process? Those are always necessary. Do you need card-based or biometric check-in systems? If you already have them, how well do they work? Don’t overlook the question of hygiene, even if it hasn’t been rendered as a full-on question in this school security checklist. High traffic access points need more attention than access points that aren’t used as often

Step Three: Inspection 

Start your inspection by evaluating pinch points. These pinch points are areas where the access control system should be updated. Do the exterior cameras provide enough coverage? Do you need manual or electronic gates? How are barrier gates integrated with existing access control systems? These are all questions that need to be answered during your inspection. How are exterior doors secured? What is the key management system like? What about the electronic access control for primary entrances? Then determine what touchpoints can be made touch-free to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Where can you add touchless switches and actuators? How can you reduce hand to door contact, and are there antimicrobial finishes? 

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