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Factors That Can Influence Overall Perimeter Security Challenges

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Fence lines provide a modicum of safety and security, but there is always room for improvement.

Video surveillance is the bedrock of perimeter security. After all, no one can be everywhere at the same time. Even if you have a highly-trained team of personnel, there’s a reason why technology is so important. Infrared tech can help prevent intruders from taking advantage of low-light conditions. Meanwhile, thermal imaging is another commonly deployed method of protecting a campus. Fence lines provide a modicum of safety and security, but there is always room for improvement.

Three Types of Camera Sensors 

Visible Light: Visible light enables conventional cameras to perform their function. This functionality means that target identification, facial recognition, object recognition, and evidence-class video become the primary factors at play here. 

Near-Infrared Energy: Also known as NIR, this type of energy cannot be perceived by the human eye. However, in situations where only low light levels are present, this type of surveillance equipment is ideal. On the other hand, one major downside is that this system depends on reflected light. Furthermore, it only creates a grayscale image that might not be the most useful for target ID. 

Thermal Imaging: Another option is to lean on the use of thermal imaging-based cameras. People cannot see this type of energy, but as the name suggests, they can detect it – only it feels like ambient heat. When you need stronger defensive capabilities, such as long-range detection of unwanted visitors, then the tenets of perimeter security and surveillance call for the use of these cameras. 

Usage of Feature Identification 

In terms of feature identification, it’s best to install a visible camera. If you’re not sure of what your options are, invest in a pan-tilt-zoom camera. These PTZ cameras allow operators to continue to track individual targets. Artificial intelligence-based upgrades greatly enhance the utility of such solutions.

Prioritizing Space and Range 

Spatial awareness is another element of perimeter security. At first, it seems like the best choice is to purchase and configure as many cameras as possible. However, when you prioritize space and range properly, cost savings should take precedence. Space out the cameras; this simple arrangement saves you money and allows you to take advantage of thermal cameras as well. Darkness can be one of the factors that can present an enormous challenge for you to overcome.

Considering the Surrounding Environment 

Another approach is to consider the environment around your property. Severe weather can cause plenty of havoc. Likewise, fog can hide the presence of anyone attempting to penetrate your other security measures.


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